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On-Demand HR Services
As a member, you have access to extensive updated HR law info, learning materials & courses, useful tools & calculators, and necessary documents & forms.
Disaster Recovery
Whether the disaster you experience is catastrophic, such as a hurricane, or small, such as a burst water pipe, we can help make sure you can continue running your business smoothly.
Wellness Plan
We have health-focused services in order to assess your employees’ health, and we offer educational webinars that employees can participate in receive recognition for improved health.
Workers' Comp Review
Our Assessment helps optimize your experience modification rate (XMod) on your workers’ comp policy, with a guarantee ROI within the first year!
Compliance Posters
We offer discounted prices with an optional annual subscription plan covering all future posters for 1-3 years.
Drug Testing
With a membership, you have access to pre-employment screening, random drug testing, and more through our nationwide network of facilities.
Employee Handbooks
Our evergreen handbook provides free updates every year so you save thousands of dollars and never fall out of compliance.
Our services specialize in employee testing for hiring and selection, employment development, team building, and organizational development.
Employee Handbook Review
Employee handbooks are your main safe-guard against an angry employee, their attorney, and government agencies. We’ll make sure your business is protected by getting your current employee handbook reviewed.
Safety Plans
You can get a quality safety plan through us that protects your business and designates all processes for determining health and physical danger, procedures to prevent accidents, and what to do when an accident occurs.
ERISA Wrap Doc
An ERISA wrap doc is a required document for any employer that offers a group health plan. If you don’t have a wrap doc, you are violating the law and are subject to penalties up to $110/day per participant or beneficiary.
Cyber Security
You have access to a free IT security assessment that will show you exactly where your business may be susceptible, where it can improve, and how we can help monitor and mitigate potential future problems.
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It's been very cost effective for us because our labor attorney is very expensive and with our membership we're able to save a lot of money. We've saved over $28,000 in consults and probably more on top of that, so it's been a very good thing for us.
- Jacob W., Food Products
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Essentially we've been provided $37,000 worth of I guess you could almost say free advice, and that's worth much more than that. You're getting to interview and use somebody for free. We've always gotten advice that's been extremely valuable.
- Doug W., Construction
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